Entrepreneurship Library

A dedicated library with books and magazines on Business, strategy, finance, startups. Business newspapers and Audio books are also available.

Office spaces

Fully furnished individual office spaces and co-working spaces are available.

3D Printer

IIT Ropar TBIF, provides the facility of 3D printers in lab.

Business Newspaper

IIT Ropar TBIF provides the facility of Newspapers.

Central Printer

Facility of printing.

Dry Pantry Service

We provide the facility of Refrigerator, Microwave, Coffee wending machine etc.

Samsung Flip

55" Interactive Touch Panel which can be used by startups for brainstorming sessions

Electronic Prototype

We provide the facility of Electronic prototype for Startup.

Heavy Duty Table Saw

Makita - 2712 is a durable 315mm (12-3/8") table saw. It is powered by a heavy-duty induction motor for high performance and a long, maintenance-free service life. https://makita.in/product/2712/

Handheld LCR Meters

The U1733C handheld LCR meters allow you to measure frequencies as high as 100 kHz, a capability typically found only in benchtop meters. These handheld capacitance meters provide extra capabilities and functionalities into electronics assembly and passive components troubleshooting with up to 25 sets of High/Low limits.

Digital Multimeters

Truevolt digital multimeter 34465A enables quick insights, measure low-power devices, and maintain calibrated measurements with Keysight’s patented technology.